You peer inside the strange machine. Inside are many whirring devices and strange noises. Dimmed lights keep the atmosphere moody but the neon bulbs make it hard to feel too sombre. Most notable is the person standing at the console in the middle.

You approach them. They're tall, slender and they wear strange clothes. Equal parts frilly and smart, playful and serious all at the same time. Decidedly feminine and yet androgynous. This person is Non-Binary, femme-leaning but Non-Binary all the same. They turn and notice you as they're eating a pastry, quickly tossing it aside and brushing the crumbs off their skirt, looking a little startled. They give a slight curtsy and introduce themself as Chrisythtrelmorphyxo, also known as The Justice. They insist you call them Chrissy though. They would greatly appreciate you using They/Them pronouns though on some days, She/Her is fine too.

They explain that they are a traveler from far away. You listen patiently before they ask if you want to accompany them. They've become rather accustomed to Human company, after all.