Short Stories

A Brief Introduction

You step into the door of what you thought was a regular phone box only to find the inside is quite a bit bigger than it looked from the outside.

The decor of this place is very 80's sci-fi. Lots of neon pink and blue and green. In the centre of this large room stands a console with various levers, knobs, buttons and... whatever those are...

At this control console stands a person who doesn't seem to have noticed you.

This person is roughly 6 feet tall and slender with black hair in a messy bob and blue eyes. Their face has a refined feminine appearance, almost like royalty. You can't quite tell if their face is naturally that pretty or if they are wearing makeup. Their body is willowy with pale skin, like they haven't seen the sun in years.

They wear a buttoned up shirt, mid-thigh skirt with black tights and a blazer. Despite this smart combination, they've chosen to pair this with mid-calf black combat boots, a choker just visible through the collar and a hair ribbon. It's a very confused outfit but for some reason, it works on them.

Your guess is that they are female but there's a distinct aura that tells you that's not quite right. It would be more correct to say they are androgynous. This may be their appearance today but tomorrow they could be wearing a tuxedo and it'd suit them equally well.

They look up at you and look back at the console.

"Be a dear and hand me the fluid link would you?" they ask, their voice authoritative but also friendly. You couldn't tell their gender from their voice either but at a guess, you'd say female.

You feel compelled to do as you're told. You rush to the plethora of items on the console and pick one up at random, handing it to this person. You ask if it's the right one.

"No no no. This is a Multi-Loop Stabiliser."

You try again...

"This is a Holographic Focus Lens."

You grab something else at random...

"This is-" They hold it up.

"This is my lunch..." They say before taking a bite out of it. "Never mind, I found it."

They fit the piece into a slot beneath the console and the machine roars to life. The person smiles proudly before suddenly changing expression to a surprised look.

"Hold on. Who are you?! How did you get in here?!"

You quickly explain that you were attempting to make a phone call and wandered into this phone booth.

"What year is it?" They ask, checking the console. "2020? Hang on, who uses a phone booth in 2020? Don't you have a mobile phone?"

You look almost offended at their questioning, after all, they're the one who tricked you into coming into this... place. You express your displeasure and they calm down.

"Okay. I suppose it's my fault then. Let's start again. Hello, I'm The Justice. Nice to meet you."

The Justice? That isn't a name. You quickly point this out to them.

"Yes well my real name is too much of a hassle for most Earthlings to remember or pronounce. So The Justice it is."

Earthlings? Are they... an alien?

"And yes, I know what you're thinking. I'm not from around here." They continue eating while they work on their machine. You estimate that they're putting about 5% of their effort into talking to you.

"I'm a Time Lord. From the planet Gallifrey. If you're really interested in my name it's Chrisythtrelmorphyxo. See why I don't use it much?"

You think for a moment before suggesting "Chrissy" for short.

"Chrissy? Chrissy... Well I suppose I need a Human alias anyway. Okay then. Call me Chrissy."

You smile at them, pleased they like your suggestion. They finish working on their machine and their pastry at the same time. They almost seem pleased by the perfect timing of these two random events.

"Okay so... I just got done with my repairs and to thank you for the name... Would you like to travel with me?"

You look surprised and think for a moment but you decline. You don't have the time to go traveling after all.

"Oh that's not a problem. We can visit the Mettula Orionsis system, see the people of Traken and be back in 5 seconds. I can show you a star going supernova up close and we wouldn't even miss tea."

You give a look of confusion and wonder if this person has taken a knock on the head recently.

"This machine, it's called a TARDIS. It can travel anywhere, anywhen, any time. You name your favourite historical or astronomical event and I can show you it up close. Maybe let's just not visit Garry Kasparov however. He can be such a sore loser..."

You give a small laugh.

"I'm serious. He was furious when I beat him at Chess Boxing."

You realise that Chrissy is being serious. Can they really take you anywhere in time and space?

"Come on. I know exactly what to show you. You're gonna love this."

They fiddle with a few dials, switches, knobs and levers. The machine whirs to life as it shakes and judders. It feels like it's crashing but Chrissy seems unphased as they rush around the console flipping more switches and pushing more buttons.

The machine suddenly comes to a stop and everything is calm again. You let go of the handrail and try to find your footing as Chrissy rushes past to the door. You inquire about where you are.

"Let's go and find out!"

Chrissy flings open the doors to bright lights and adventure!